How do I care for my Himalayan Salt Lamp?

With their soft light, Himalayan Salt Lamps are designed to be left on continuously for maximum benefit from their healing and energising properties.

Leaving your Himalayan Salt Lamp on will avoid any residual moisture build-up, especially in humid environments. If excess moisture does appear, place something underneath your Himalayan Salt Lamp to protect surfaces and turn your Salt Lamp on or leave it out in the sun to dry it out. Himalayan Salt Lamps need extra care in extremely humid environments.

To remove dust, switch your Himalayan Salt Lamp off and wipe with a dry or damp cloth.

For storage, remove the globe and cord and store the Himalayan Salt Lamp in an airtight plastic bag to prevent moisture absorption.

To remove the globe, use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the metal springs on both sides and slide out, then gently release to prevent damaging the globe. You can also purchase replacement globes and switches.

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps vary compared to the product images?

Each Himalayan Salt Lamp showcases its own unique variances in shape and colour. Marble is a natural material which also embodies inherent variances in colour. The lamp and base may vary from the image shown.

Are your Bath Salts scented?

Our Epsom Salts, Himalayan Bath Salts and Magnesium Chloride Flakes are pure, raw products and don’t contain any added fragrances. Try adding 6-12 drops of essential oil to your salt bath to heighten your bathing experience.

Can I combine different types of Bath Salts?

Combining different types of Bath Salts in your bath can be an effective way of enjoying multiple health benefits.

How much Bath Salts should I use?

Dissolve 2 or more cups in a warm bath. You can use as much Bath Salts as you feel is suitable for you. We recommend avoiding rinsing off after your salt bath to allow the minerals to continue absorbing into the skin, but if using large amounts of Bath Salts rinse off afterwards to avoid irritation.

The item I want is out of stock. What happens now?

If you’ve placed an order for an item that’s out of stock, we’ll notify you as soon as possible. If we’re able to reorder that item, we’ll let you know approximately how long you can expect to receive it. Deliveries from our suppliers can take several weeks, so if you’d rather not wait you can choose another product of the same value or we can refund you for the out of stock item.

Shipping and Returns

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