Cooking With Himalayan Salt

Using Himalayan Salt in your kitchen is an easy and effective way to benefit from its therapeutic qualities. Its sharp, full-bodied taste brings out the fullness of flavour in meats, seafood, vegetables and many other foods. Himalayan Salt is versatile in any culinary context, and its translucent pink hues look stunning in any dish or on the table.

Health benefits of cooking with Himalayan Salt

All of the 84 naturally-occurring minerals and trace elements present in Himalayan Salt are found in the body and are essential for maintaining optimal health. These minerals play important roles in the body’s complex and interrelated functions and processes. Himalayan Salt helps to supplement deficiencies of these vital minerals.

For centuries Himalayan Salt has been recognised for its health properties, including detoxifying the body and blood stream, easing cramps and indigestion, supporting healthy cardiovascular function, improving brain function and mental clarity and helping the body absorb nutrients more effectively.

Types of Himalayan Salt for cooking

Coarse grain Himalayan Salt is ideal for use in salt mills and grinders. It’s also great for roasting, grilling and curing meats, as well as for making brine and spice rubs.

Fine grain Himalayan Salt is ideal for salt shakers or sprinkled directly onto food to season it during or after cooking. It also works well for roasting, spice rubs, or rimming glasses when making speciality cocktails.

Curing with Himalayan Salt

Before refrigeration, the age-old method of curing with salt was first used to preserve food by the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Romans. Himalayan Salt helps create rich, complex flavours and density of texture when used for curing meats, fish and vegetables. Properly cured foods have a shelf-life of weeks or even months. Himalayan Salt Blocks are a fast and convenient method for curing to bring this rustic tradition into the modern home.

Himalayan Black Salt (Kala Namak)

Commonly used in South Asian and Indian cuisines, Black Salt’s distinctive flavour and aroma come from its high concentration of sulphur. Used to flavour chaats, chutneys, salads and many other dishes, it’s also a key ingredient in chaat masala, a traditional Indian spice blend. It can be used in vegan cooking to mimic the taste of eggs and is delicious on popcorn, naan, focaccia and bagels.

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Cooking with Himalayan Salt Blocks

A solid slab of Himalayan Salt, Himalayan Salt Blocks can be used for grilling and searing on the stove top, chilling straight from the fridge or freezer, and are exquisite for serving. When cooking with a Himalayan Salt Block, the heat sears and browns, while the salt gently dehydrates the surface and seasons the food. This combination of heat and salt working together creates beautifully rich flavours and textures.

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