The Salthaus Story

At Salthaus we’ve seen the amazing therapeutic power of salt. We believe in bringing natural salt therapy remedies from our family to yours, to enable you to benefit from the healing properties of salt in your own home.

Salt for health: Ancient origins

Our family stems from farming origins which have instilled a strong appreciation for health at a foundation level. We believe in sustainably promoting health using natural products. Discovering the amazing therapeutic properties of various forms of salt began the Salthaus journey.

Our brand is inspired by Germany’s long history of using salt for its curative power, extending over 2,500 years. In times past, wars were fought over the rich salt deposits – “white gold” – in the Bavarian Alps, just ten miles from Salzburg (meaning ‘salt fortress’). Salt caves in this area continue to be used for healing, stress relief, and relaxation. Romans enjoyed Germany’s mineral-rich hot springs and 18 -19th century European royalty and aristocrats would visit German spa resort towns. Salt and salt caves continue to be recognised around the world and throughout many cultures for their therapeutic and restorative properties.

Wellbeing for everybody and every home

Our body is an incredibly complex machine that can be maintained in a natural and sustainable way. Salt for health forms the cornerstone of our philosophy.

Our mission is to provide everyone with the value of salt therapy and salt for health in all aspects of daily life, in all rooms of the home, and in a vast range of applications.

Enjoy the ambiance of a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your lounge room or bedroom. Cook delicious meals on a Himalayan Salt Block. Make Himalayan Salt a staple in your pantry. Relax in a therapeutic bath with your favourite Bath Salts. Salt can be incorporated in many different forms in people’s lives. Whether it be to treat a specific health concern or to maintain optimal health and wellbeing, salt can provide benefits in so many ways.

People-proven products

We have carefully curated the highest quality salt products from around the world to provide the amazing benefits of salt therapy with the convenience of being able to use them in your home. We’ve experienced the wonderful healing properties and have heard others share their stories. We hope salt can have a positive effect on your health, the health of your family, and your pets too!

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