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Mould Control to keep those pesky mosquitos at bay

What is Mould Control?

Mould Control is your own personal Air Sanitiser. San Air releases into the air, killing potential mould spores before they settle and form so you can say goodbye to breathing in bacteria and mildew.

Mould can be highly dangerous for humans and animals, especially pets and children that are low to the ground, where the concentration of bacteria is most strong. This can bring on flus, fevers and infections, exacerbate existing illness or worsen conditions for asthmatics.

How Does Mould Control Mozzy No Work?

Mould Control MozzyNo is San Air’s alternative variety, offering a Mosquito deterent to keep those pesky insects at bay. Humid areas are often most at risk of Mould issues, and Mosquitos as well, so they’ve made a combo product that tackles both issues!

San-Air is created from only natural products, with no harsh chemicals or toxins, and evaporates to release into air, and cleaning the air you breathe. High quality raw materials are distilled into oils which contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, and when mixed in particular ways create the unique blend of product that is San-Air.
Once evaporated from their gel form in a jar or packet, the molecules released into the air bind to viral or bacterial cells, preventing them spreading to other hosts to be able to consume them to survive. By robbing a virus or bacterial cell of its ability to transfer, the virus has no transportation method, and is able to be sanitised by the evaporated gel.

How to Use:

Simply open the jar, tear off the seal, return the cap on and twist the lid, and place the jar inside your home, camping tent or caravan to stop the intrusion of mosquitoes.

Available in a 1 pack or 3 pack.

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