Mould Control Surface Mould Remover

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An essential cleaning product for sanitising and removing mould problems.

What is Mould Control Surface Mould Remover?

Mould Control Surface Mould Remover is essential for cleaning and removing mould problems. Whilst the Mould Control Jars act as air-sanitiser, to help decrease Moulds chance to spread in your space, the Mould Control Surface Mould Remover is vital if you can see visible Mould.

How to Use:

Simple spray, wait 10 minutes and clean it right off! The San Air Mould Control Surface Mould Remover can also be used to light spray fabrics and Mould likely areas, such as curtains in dark rooms, rugs, carpet, shirts in cupboards with bad airflow, and smelly shoes.

Alternative Uses for Mould Control

The name ‘Mould Control’ says it all, controlling mould is the goal, though there are some other creative used for Mould Control that are worth knowing about. 

Mould Control is anti-bacterial, so it can assist in other ways other than just removing mould growth. One of the best secondary uses of Mould Control, is odour removal, as odours and smells often come from a presence of bacteria caused by sweat, dirt, lack of air flow, materials that degrade or an exposure to moisture. Some of these can be completely removed, especially if the smell isn’t pungent, and is in a confined space, while some will simply be lessened or diminished, by the actives being taken out of the air. It can also helps to slow down ripening of fruit, as that process also involves bacteria!

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