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Ozonated Olive Oil for Any Skin-Related Need

O2-Zap’s has a new look, but the same powerful formula — meet Skin Therapy. Skin Therapy deeply moisturizes the skin with organic ozonated olive — making it perfect for all skin types. This nourishing balm also has the antioxidants to clear complexions and promote healthy-looking skin. We’ve even packaged Skin Therapy in an ultra-luxe MIRON Violetglass jar to preserve the ozonation of the organic olive oil.

  • Deeply Moisturizes Dry Skin
  • Supports Clear Complexion
  • Promotes Quick Healing
  • Clean, Organic Ingredients

What Is Skin Therapy?

Skin Therapy is an antioxidant-rich balm crafted with organic ozonated olive oil. Made by bubbling ozone through organic olive oil to saturate it with oxygen, Skin Therapy moisturizes in a way that nothing else can. From nourishing dry, cracked skin to soothing itches and scratches, Skin Therapy can be used for just about any skin-related need. Our rich balm is unscented and perfect for all skin types! Use morning or night as part of your skincare routine or for any cut, scrape, bug bite, or scratch. Keep refrigerated to preserve the natural ingredients.

Preserving this luxe, plant-based formula is important to us, which is why Skin Therapy is packaged in MIRON Violetglass jars. The unique properties of this glass protect Skin Therapy’s ingredients from the harmful effects of light, increase shelf life, and revitalize their potency.

Why Your Skin Will Love Skin Therapy

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